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Ohio car accidents: 6 people injured in crash

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2014 | Car Accidents

Road safety, along with driver responsibility, is being questioned after several people were injured in a multi-vehicle collision in Ohio. Car accidents like this, one’s that affect multiple victims, are taken very seriously by local law enforcement and city officials. As these incidents can leave victims with a lot of questions, finalizing an investigation is important for their ability to move forward.

This particular car accident occurred near Cincinnati on the Brent Spence Bridge. According to witnesses, a vehicle crossed several lanes of traffic, striking a semi-trailer, which in-turn set off a chain reaction of car crashes. One vehicle went off the side of the bridge and landed on the lower deck. In total, six people required transportation to an area hospital for the treatment of unspecified injuries.

Apparently, the safety of this bridge has been under review for quite some time; but, supposedly, arguments over who is responsible for the cost of replacing the bridge has delayed any plans for improvements. Officials claim they receive on average seven calls per week regarding accidents or other motorist issues happening on this bridge. As far as contributing factors in the crash, police have not specified an official cause of this accident or if any charges are pending against anyone involved.

Car accidents that involve multiple vehicles can do significant damage to a lot of people. Those involved in this crash are likely looking forward to gaining answers concerning how this happened and who is responsible. In this particular case, personal injury claims can be filed by each victim against the driver deemed responsible for the crash. Claims may also be filed against the government entity responsible for road safety, if unsafe road conditions are found to have contributed to this event. If either is found liable before an Ohio civil court, financial compensation may be granted for successfully litigated claims.

Source: wlwt.com, “Serious multi-car crash on Brent Spence Bridge highlights need for new structure“, Tammy Mutasa and Courtis Fuller, Aug. 6, 2014


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