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January 2015 Archives

Garlock Sealing Technologies seeks to right asbestos exposure

It is not entirely uncommon for companies that exposed Ohio workers or consumers to asbestos to ultimately need to file for bankruptcy. The reason behind that common move is fairly straight forward, as asbestos exposure can cause catastrophic injuries that often lead to claims against a company. Garlock Sealing Technologies is no exception, although it appears that despite the company's bankruptcy, it still intends to care for those who were seriously harmed by asbestos.

Car accidents involving semi trucks rarely end well

Most drivers in Ohio have likely experienced the feeling of a larger semi truck passing by them on the interstate. Driving near one of these huge vehicles can be understandably unnerving, especially considering that these trucks can weigh up to 30 times the weight of smaller passenger vehicles. Partly due to the sheer size and weight of tractor-trailers, car accidents involving these large trucks rarely turn out well. 

Company avoids asbestos litigation, but future claims possible

Some asbestos injury victims in Ohio may be feeling let down after a recent decision by a bankruptcy judge. Energy Future Holdings Corporation had hundreds of injury claims related to asbestos exposure before it filed for bankruptcy, which the judge handling the bankruptcy now says the company won't have to pay. While this may not have been the answer that many were hoping for, there may be a renewed opportunity to seek justice through asbestos litigation following the conclusion of the bankruptcy case.

Fiskars Brands Inc. settles CPSC complaint re product liability

Safe and reliable products may not seem like too much to ask for, but defective or dangerous products appear to still grace store shelves in Ohio, putting consumers at risk. Recently, the parent company of Gerber Legendary Blades, Fiskars Brands Inc., forked over millions in fines amid allegations that it did not inform the Consumer Product Safety Commission of a possible defective product in a timely manner. According to the company, the product in question -- an axe -- hit the shelves after company employees tested a few of the axes and concluded that they were safe. Some victims may find that a product liability claim can be an appropriate course of action.

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