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August 2015 Archives

Cigarette makers said to hide toxic materials by 'natural' claims

Does it really matter what claims a label makes? According to the Food and Drug Administration, the wording on a package or label can make a world of difference in how consumers expect a product to be. Although most Ohio consumers understand that smoking is not a healthy habit, some cigarette labels could be misleading the public to believe that toxic materials are not present.

OSHA issues 16 citations against company for asbestos exposure

According to an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workers in another state were knowingly exposed to the deadly substance asbestos by their boss. Authorities believe that the construction company took advantage of employees on temporary work visas in an attempt to circumvent the necessary safety precautions when dealing with asbestos. As most people in Ohio already know, asbestos exposure can lead to a myriad of excruciatingly painful and fatal diseases.

Why did the Food and Drug Administration pull my medication?

Before actually hitting the market and becoming available to patients, prescription medications undergo extensive research and rigorous testing. For the most part this keeps dangerous and defective drugs from ever reaching the market, but on occasion the Food and Drug Administration -- the FDA -- will yank a medication off of the shelves. This decision can stem from a variety of reasons, most of which pertain to patient health and safety.

Sunscreen complaints could spark product liability claims

Slathering up with sunscreen prior to hitting the pool or heading out on a hike is an important part of maintaining healthy skin. Consumers in Ohio should be able to make sunscreen purchases with the confidence that their purchase will not only be safe to use, but also effective at protecting them from the sun's damaging rays. The Honest Company -- which is owned by Jessica Alba -- could be facing product liability suits from consumers who claim that it manufactured sunscreen that is ineffective at protecting them.

Suspected drunk driver could face personal injury claim

The Ohio State Highway Patrol believes that alcohol was likely one of the contributing factors in a fatal accident that left one person injured. The driver accused of causing the wreck has since been arrested and, at last report, was still in police custody. As the road to recovery has only just begun, it is possible that a personal injury claim might be in the injured victim's future.

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