Pharmaceutical litigation could follow EpiPen recall

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2015 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

Food and even some environmental allergies pose a life-threatening risk to those who suffer from them. Epinephrine injectors — commonly referred to as EpiPens — are often the first line of defense when a person begins to experience an anaphylactic reaction. However, a defect in a commonly used brand of EpiPen put people in Ohio and across the country in serious danger of not receiving their medication in the event of an allergic reaction, and could possibly lead to an onslaught of pharmaceutical litigation.

Halloween tends to have one of the highest rates of accidental food allergy exposure out of the entire year. This is especially true of nuts, one expert commented, which are common causes of anaphylactic reactions in those who suffer from severe food allergies. But at one of the most dangerous times of year for food allergy sufferers, Sanofi — the manufacturer of the popular Auvi-Q EpiPen — announced a recall of about 500,000 injectors.

The problem is not with the medication itself, Sanofi claims. Instead, the recalled EpiPens have an inherent defect in the injector that fails to deliver the right dose. In the event of a severe anaphylactic reaction, the wrong dose of medication can be fatal.

Defects in the design and manufacturing of these and all types of medication should be avoided at all costs in order to ensure the continued safety and well-being of patients in Ohio. When a medication means the difference between life and death, that importance can become even more pronounced. In the event that an inherently flawed or defective medication results in injury or death, companies and manufacturers may be held responsible through the civil court system. Pharmaceutical litigation is usually a smart choice to make when seeking compensation for a serious drug injury.

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