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Needs of other cancer patients differ from those of MPM victims

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2016 | Mesothelioma

Typically, a patient in Ohio suffering from malignant pleural mesothelioma receives psychological care similar to those who suffer from advanced lung cancer. Patients of both forms of cancer complain of concern for their families, the poor attitudes of health-care providers and fear of death. While the two cancers have some similarities in physical and emotional needs, studies show that patients with MPM also have marked differences.

The diagnosis itself may be a different experience for MPM victims than that of lung cancer patients. Not only does a diagnosis often come when the patient is already suffering the late stages of MPM, but it may be delivered with a sense of foreboding. Since there is no known cure for MPM, the care a patient receives is mostly to relieve the symptoms, not with any hope of cure or recovery. For this reason, each new symptom or progression in old symptoms may raise a patient’s stress level.

Some MPM patients expressed feelings of betrayal toward the companies they worked for. MPM is associated with exposure to asbestos, and patients may feel anger or place blame with former employers. This is a distinct difference between MPM and lung cancer patients. However, the combination of many differences has caused psychologists and oncologists to consider the isolation and hopelessness a patient may feel when treating them for this disease.

Many in Ohio who are dealing with MPM agree that the paperwork and meetings regarding compensation for their cancer can be tiresome and stressful. However, they also derive a sense of comfort from knowing the efforts may provide for their families and ease their minds as the patient’s disease progresses. An attorney who deals with cases of MPM understands the unique burdens those patients carry. Having such a lawyer by one’s side will ensure one’s situation is handled with compassion.

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