Car accidents may cause mysterious whiplash symptoms

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2016 | Car Accidents

For centuries, physicians have studied the phenomenon of whiplash. These types of injuries were first seen after rear-end collisions on railroads. Today, people in Ohio experience the symptoms after any jarring incident, but most especially after car accidents. Whiplash has often been the subject of many jokes about accident victims deceiving insurance adjusters or defense attorneys. However, the suffering of whiplash is very real and unique to each accident victim.

Whiplash symptoms may be the result of a sprained neck, a bruised spine or a fractured vertebra. The results of this injury may appear as pain in the back and arms, muscle stiffness, insomnia, headaches and memory problems and trouble hearing. Nearly 25 percent of people who suffer this type of injury complain of chronic pain.

Because accident victims in other countries do not always suffer with chronic pain following a whiplash injury, some researchers have concluded that Americans are simply too focused on their pain. They may be more aware of it because of having to prove it in court or for their insurance claims, or they may simply believe that they are supposed to experience chronic pain after an accident. Some suggest that the lingering pain may have a psychological factor: the trauma one experiences in the accident may manifest itself as persistent physical pain.

To be told that one’s pain is not real just adds more suffering to someone who is already hurting. Neck and back injuries are no joke. People in Ohio who suffer lasting pain from car accidents that were due to someone else’s negligence would benefit from contacting an attorney to discuss pursuing possible compensation.

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