Samsung could potentially face product liability suits for washer

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2017 | Products Liability

Despite a recall of almost three million washing machines in November 2016, Samsung may still run into legal troubles over the dangerous household appliances. With at least nine reports of injury, including a broken jaw, the company could potentially end up facing one or more product liability suits. There has already been talk of a proposed class action suit against them. Residents of Ohio should be aware of the possible threat these appliances hold.

The Samsung washing machines can be found in millions of homes across the nation. After a number of reports of injuries to consumers, Samsung’s response was to offer in-home repair to anyone who had purchased the appliance. In a statement, the company urges owners of the machines to contact them, touting an average call wait time to the provided recall number of only approximately 20 seconds and an average repair time of seven business days.

Irate consumers, though, are claiming otherwise. Many say that Samsung has botched the recall, leaving them stuck with a dangerous device and no way to do their laundry in the interim. One mother of three is too frightened to use her washer, scared that it will injure her children. Another consumer claims to have called the recall phone number many times and never received a call back.

Anyone in Ohio who has been injured by the Samsung washing machines or by any other dangerous or defective products may benefit from contacting an attorney. A lawyer can offer legal counsel and advice on consumer rights. An attorney with experience in similar product liability cases could be a valuable ally during any legal proceedings.

Source:, “Consumers: Samsung washers still potentially dangerous after ‘fix’“, Jeff Rossen and Anneke Foster, Jan. 12, 2017


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