Asbestos exposure not a relic of the past

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In Ohio, widespread use of asbestos was common throughout the state due to its high number of factories and industrial manufacturing facilities. While mesothelioma and other illnesses and cancers related to asbestos exposure still surface all the time, the exposure itself often feels like an outdated concern, a worry from before safety regulations were instituted. However, a case in another state shows that, sadly, the risk of asbestos exposure is not necessarily a thing of the past.

In January 2012, an incident of asbestos exposure allegedly occurred involving foundry works at a now-closed branch of Grede Foundy. Supposedly, the workers were not told that they would be dealing with asbestos when working on the equipment there. Furthermore, the workers apparently were not given adequate safety equipment to help protect them against the substance.

Since then, the Grede Foundry company and three of its supervisors have been accused of obstructing an official investigation into the incident. When workers filed a complaint and inspectors visited the plant, the supervisors purportedly lied to the safety officials in an attempt to cover up the asbestos exposure. The indictment accuses the defendants of false statements, conspiracy and obstruction.

If the supervisors are convicted, they not only fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars but possible prison time as well, and the corporation itself may face millions of dollars in penalties. One important aspect of the whole affair is the fact that this incidence of asbestos exposure occurred not decades ago but within the last five years. The exposed workers could potentially suffer in the future from illnesses like lung cancer and mesothelioma as a result. Regardless of whether the exposure occurred within the last few years or a long time ago, those in Ohio who are now suffering any asbestos-related illnesses as a result of past exposure might benefit from exploring their options with an experienced attorney.

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