NutriBullet involved in product liability suits after explosions

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Products Liability

Even if they don’t own one, residents of Ohio have most likely at least heard of the kitchen appliance known as the NutriBullet. Touted as being a small but powerful blender useful for making nutritious dishes, the device has become a staple in many health-conscious homes. However, the company that manufactures the device, NutriBullet LLC and several other companies involved with the NutriBullet’s sale, manufacture and design are currently involved in a number of product liability suits after several users suffered injuries.

A number of purchasers have claim that the device exploded in their faces and burned them. One lawsuit names NutriBullet LLC, Call To Action LLC, Capital Brands LLC and Homeland Housewares LLC as defendants. The plaintiff alleges that, when he was using the blender to make mango sauce, he poured hot liquid into it and the top of the unit violently shot off its base while it was running. The man claims he was almost blinded in the incident, and suffered first and second-degree burns to his face, torso and hands.

While a warning not to use hot liquids has since been added to the product literature, it appears that this is not the sole source of the problem. Other users claim that when the unit contained only room temperature substances, its contents became so overheated that the container burst, burning them as well. Indeed, one consumer claims he was making a peanut butter smoothie when the fast-spinning blades caused the device to overheat and explode in his hands, causing severe burns that required hospitalization.

Additionally, several years ago there were a number of similar product liability suits against the brand and against its parent company after users across the country experienced similar problems. In each case, the consumer was injured and burned after the device exploded during use. If anyone in Ohio has been injured by a NutriBullet blender — or any unsafe product — he or she might benefit from the counsel of an experienced attorney to assess whether grounds exist for pursuing legal recourse. 

Source: Fox News, “Infomercial bestseller NutriBullet investigated over ‘exploding’ units”, Rebekah Sager, March 14, 2017


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