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Keurig facing product liability suit after $100,000 house fire

On Behalf of | May 8, 2017 | Products Liability

Many, if not most households across Ohio likely own a coffeemaker, as a common start to most mornings is waking up to make a nice, hot mug of coffee. This soothing ritual might be made far less enjoyable for many individuals with the knowledge that, in doing so, they could potentially be running the risk of injury from burns if their brewer was to catch on fire. In another state, this situation is exactly what a recent product liability lawsuit is alleging happened.

A recently filed complaint claims that about two years prior to filing a consumer started her Keurig expecting to enjoy a nice cup of coffee; instead, she found herself and her family homeless after the brewer caught their house on fire. The $100,000 worth of damage to the home forced the family to move out initially and then live out of their basement for several more months while repairs were made. Luckily for them, the damages were covered by Liberty Mutual Insurance company or their situation could have been much more dire.

It is Liberty Mutual who initiated this lawsuit, claiming that the company who owns and manufactures Keurigs is to blame for the extensive damages. They allege the coffee making appliance was defective and unreasonably dangerous, not safe for use. Thankfully, not only did the family in this incident have home insurance, but none of them were injured.

Other consumers have not been so lucky. In the past, a number of users were burned when hot water or coffee sprayed out of the brewer onto their hands, bodies and even faces. Since then, additional consumers have complained of their Keurig units smoking and even catching fire. Anyone in Ohio who has suffered injury from this or any other dangerous or defective household product might benefit from seeking the knowledgeable legal counsel of an attorney with experience in product liability cases.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Keurig coffee maker started a $100,000 fire, insurer Liberty Mutual alleges“, Deirdre Fernandes, April 30, 2017


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