In Ohio, texting likely to lead to automobile accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | Car Accidents

Most people know how dangerous texting while driving can be. In fact, distracted driving accounts for more automobile accidents than any other cause, including drunk driving. Sadly, that apparently didn’t stop one young woman from doing so, and it came at a high cost.

The 24-year-old Ohio woman was arrested recently after a fatal car accident that claimed the lives of two teenagers. Two 14-year-old girls were walking along the side of the road on Memorial Day weekend with two seventh grade boys when they were struck by the car when it traveled over an edge line. While one of the boys was unhurt, the other was hospitalized for his serious injuries that reportedly included a broken ankle, a skull injury and a cracked neck vertebra.

Tragically, both girls died, one at the scene, the other later at the hospital from the injuries she suffered. The investigation by the county sheriff’s office concluded that the woman was texting while driving, though authorities are unable to determine for certain whether it was this texting that caused her to cross the line and strike the youths. Apparently, the woman attempted to delete the incriminating text messages, for which she is now facing tampering-with-records charges.

Additionally, the woman has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, two counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count each of vehicular assault and driving while texting. The fact that she is facing criminal charges for her role in the fatal accident might help the case of the family members of the injured and deceased teens should they choose to pursue personal injury or wrongful death suits against the driver in civil court. However, whether or not an at-fault driver ends up facing criminal charges, residents of Ohio injured in automobile accidents due to another driver’s negligence or wrong-doing have the legal right to speak with an attorney to explore options for justice and compensation.

Source:, “Authorities say driver who fatally struck two teen girls in May was texting and driving; New Franklin woman charged in Coventry crash”, July 14, 2017


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