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New cures for mesothelioma advance as government backs off

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2017 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

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Broken down to its basic level, cancer is cells that are malfunctioning in your body. With trillions of cells making up just one human body, counting the possible variations of these mutations is nearly impossible.

Exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to one of most lethal and rarest forms of cancer –Mesothelioma. While the number of Mesothelioma-related deaths is low as compared to other types of cancers, researchers spend a lot of time searching for effective treatments and a cure.

Genetic research and mesothelioma

A blood test can reveal the presence of molecules — called biomarkers — that indicate the presence of cancer. These biomarkers also help medical professionals identify which treatments may work best for individual patients who are suffering from asbestos-related illnesses.

Just in the past few years, personalized treatment plans have become more common for cancer patients. If you have cancer, you may hear about various treatments including:

  • Immunotherapy: Boosting your natural immune system
  • Cryoablation: Freezing cancer cells
  • Photodynamic: Using light to activate drugs placed in a tumor

The federal government is not helping

There are huge numbers of products currently in the U.S. that contain asbestos. Checking these existing products for asbestos is an ongoing process that helps to protect the public from exposure.

Unfortunately, the government is looking to limit the search for these dangerous chemicals. The current administration only wants to check new products, not those that already exist. This means that millions of workers may not learn that they are working with deadly substances until it is too late.


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