Preventable Ohio automobile accidents can be especially upsetting

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2017 | Car Accidents

A car accident due to inclement weather, faulty brakes or any of a number of other unforeseeable factors is distressing enough. It can be particularly upsetting, though, when automobile accidents are caused by another driver’s carelessness or selfishness. For instance, speeding, drunk driving and texting behind the wheel are just a few examples of preventable factors that often lead to car accidents, which might otherwise have been avoidable.

For example, an Ohio woman recently suffered critical injuries in a crash that appears to have been caused solely by another driver’s excessive speeding and failure to obey traffic laws. The collision occurred in the early hours of the morning when the injured woman was at an intersection in her vehicle. According to reports, another car was traveling at over 80 mph, though the speed limit there was only 25 mph.

Per Akron police, the speeding car ran a red light to smash into the woman’s vehicle. The impact from the collision was so powerful that it caused the engine from the woman’s car to be expelled and fly through the air to land in a nearby parking lot. The woman was imprisoned in the remains of her smashed vehicles while emergency responders attempted to free her, a process which took approximately 10 minutes.

Both the woman and the driver of the other vehicle were transported to an Ohio medical center for treatment of their injuries. The woman is reported to be in critical condition but is expected to survive. From the details available, it does seem clear that the injured woman would have a strong personal injury case against the driver of the other vehicle, should she choose to speak with an attorney and press charges. Likewise, any residents of Cleveland or the surrounding area who have suffered serious injuries in automobile accidents due to the careless inattention or fault of another driver can find counsel and guidance on options for pursuing just compensation by consulting an experienced Ohio lawyer whose practice focuses on these types of personal injury cases.

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