Families sue over highly toxic chemicals in school buildings

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2018 | Products Liability

While it thankfully did not occur in Ohio, a recently filed lawsuit concerns a subject that is the worst nightmare of many parents, no matter where they live. Almost 40 families are suing their school district, their state and Monsanto, alleging exposure to highly toxic materials. Students, teachers and even parents have suffered numerous health problems as a result of the documented, hazardous contaminants present in the facility.

Teachers and students struggled with a variety of adverse medical issues over the years but were hesitant to believe it was due to the school environment. Problems ranged from extreme dry mouth and sore throats to breathing difficulties and asthma, all the way up to neurological and endocrine disorders, autoimmune and cardiac problems, skin problems and more. Reportedly, children have even suffered from early-onset puberty, reproductive disorders and liver damage, among other very serious conditions.

According to the lawsuit, investigations uncovered a host of highly dangerous chemicals in the school buildings over a decade ago, but the district chose not to close down the hazardous facility. Instead, the district continued using it for education, exposing thousands of children to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), among other toxic chemicals. PCBs, especially, were outlawed in the 1970s due to their highly harmful nature, yet Monsanto, the sole manufacturer, is accused of having promoted their use without warning of their hazardous nature.

For this, the lawsuit names Monsanto as defendant, but includes the school district and the state in the lawsuit as well, because they kept the buildings open and in use even as deterioration caused the chemicals — asbestos, radon, lead and other toxins, in addition to the PCBs — to be released into the air or drip onto carpeting and desks. If any residents of Ohio have suffered similarly severe health problems due to toxic materials, there are experienced product liability attorneys in the Cleveland area. The guidance and ongoing support of such a professional could prove invaluable in a fight for just compensation.

Source: king5.com, “Classroom toxins spark lawsuit against state, Monroe schools, Monsanto“, Alison Morrow, Jan. 3, 2018


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