Product liability suit blames chocolate equipment for house fire

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2018 | Products Liability

The Ohio public has the right to presume that the substances and items they purchase — or even are secondarily exposed to — are safe. Companies are supposed to ensure that the products they manufacture, distribute and sell are free from hazards, or — in cases involving more dangerous items or materials — to warn consumers of potential risks and offer instruction in safe handling. When companies fail to do so, they open themselves up to the possibility of product liability lawsuits from parties injured by their products.

In another state, just such a product liability lawsuit has been filed after, a couple claims, defective chocolate-processing equipment led to the life-threatening fire that destroyed their entire home. The device, known as a melanger, grinds cocoa beans to refine into finished chocolate, and was purchased by the couple in 2015. According to the lawsuit, the machine malfunctioned and caught fire during use in Feb. 2016, causing a blaze that destroyed the couple’s house.

The lawsuit alleges that a loose electrical connection overheated and failed, which then caused the house fire. This defect is believed to have occurred during the equipment’s manufacturing process. It is claimed that, according to state law, the company that sold the defective device is responsible for the damages.

Luckily, the couple escaped with their lives and health intact, but many individuals are not nearly so fortunate. Consumers in Ohio who find themselves injured and in pain, facing mounting medical expenses due to a defective product may wish to explore their own options for just compensation. An experienced product liability attorney in the Cleveland area would be able to offer ongoing support and guidance to anyone who suffers serious injury due to a dangerous product or hazardous materials at the hands of a negligent company.

Source:, “Lawsuit blames Eugene chocolate equipment seller for New Hampshire house fire”, Jack Moran, Jan. 30, 2018


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