Vehicle accidents happen too often in construction zones

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | Car Accidents

Ohio residents who work in the road construction business understand that the work comes with risks. Outside of the usual hazards that most construction workers deal with, those who work on the state’s roadways also face significant danger from the vehicles whizzing past them. The fact is that vehicle accidents involving road construction workers happen far too often.

One of the latest accidents involving a road construction worker took place on Ohio’s State Route 176 right here in Cleveland. When the worker injured arrived at the site that morning, he more than likely had no idea that he would be leaving it in an ambulance. No one knows why the vehicle drove right through a barrier that had yet to be secured, but when it did, it trapped the worker between two walls.

Reports from another worker at the site indicate that the man’s legs were smashed, and he passed out for a moment. This same worker believes the driver was weaving and dodging through traffic and ended up in the construction zone in violation of Ohio’s move over law. Officials have not confirmed whether this was the case or what charges, if any, the driver involved will face.

Even though the injured worker will more than likely be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, he may also file a third party claim against the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash. He may pursue damages just as other victims of vehicle accidents do. If the evidence proves that negligence led to his injuries, he may receive a monetary judgment to help with the financial losses he incurred and may continue incurring as a result of the crash.

Source:, “Man hit while working in construction zone on State Route 176“, Kaylyn Hlavaty, Bretton Keenan and Tara Molina, May 21, 2018


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