Food and Drug Administration issues recalls for many reasons

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

Many Ohio residents take medications for either acute or chronic conditions. Occasionally, some of those medications become the subject of recalls issued or disseminated by the Food and Drug Administration. The question is how the drug that is subject to a particular recall presents a danger to particular consumers.

Deficient manufacturing processes could result in products contaminated with foreign substances or of substandard quality. In other cases, the medication listed on the bottle may not be what is in the bottle. For example, a bottle labeled as a blood pressure medication could actually contain something to treat heart failure. It is not hard to imagine that this could cause significant harm to someone who takes the wrong medication.

Even if a patient receives a medication free from contaminants, of good quality and properly labeled, it could still cause serious adverse health consequences. Used as intended, these drugs could still lead to serious or deadly health issues such as damage to other organs not associated with the condition for which it was prescribed. The FDA also classifies recalls based on the amount of potential harm to consumers. Consumers who receive notice of a recall in time to avoid any serious health issues may count themselves lucky.

Not everyone receives the needed information from the drug company or the Food and Drug Administration in time. For those people, including many here in Ohio, it may be possible to pursue restitution for the harm done. Successful pharmaceutical litigation may not only result in an award of damages, but could also prevent anyone else from suffering in the same way.


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