Even when properly stored, hazardous materials can cause harm

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Products Liability

Ohio residents who work in certain industries face more risk of harm than those in other positions. They deal with hazardous materials for which they should receive training in handling. They should also receive information and any necessary training regarding the storage of those items as well.

Once hazardous materials are stored, they may be “out of sight, out of mind,” but forgetting about them could spell disaster. Those materials still present certain dangers. The containers in which the materials are in require frequent inspection to make sure they remain secure. The storage area should have adequate drainage and ventilation to help reduce the dangers.

Those dangers include fire, sudden release of pressure or explosion. The hazardous materials could also react with other chemicals or substances in the storage area. Environmental concerns also exist since the substances could end up in the water or the air.

This could lead to health concerns for anyone in the vicinity. The health concerns can be as minor as a headache to as serious as death and everything in between. It often depends on the hazardous materials involved.

After exposure to hazardous materials, a doctor should probably check out Ohio workers. In some cases, the true effects may not be known right away. What could begin as a headache could turn into something more serious. After such exposure, workers should report the incident to their employers and take whatever other steps are necessary in order to preserve their rights to workers’ compensation benefits and possibly product liability claims against manufacturers or others.


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