Is the Food and Drug Administration recalling more products?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

There are governmental agencies that are tasked with protecting the public from defective or dangerous products. One of them is the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates products concerning the nation’s food supply, drugs, medical devices and other items. The agency also handles the recall of products when either it, manufacturers or others discover problems with them that could harm the public. This involves numerous products that make their way into the homes of people here in Ohio and across the country.

It may seem as though Ohio residents hear about more recalls now than ever before. This may make them think that more products are appearing with defects or hazards than in the past. However, that is not necessarily the case. In fact, the FDA says that fewer recalls occur than in the past, but the agency has revised its procedures in order to make sure that the public is made aware of recalls more often.

In addition, better technology allows the agency and other governmental bodies at the local, state and federal levels to become aware of issues faster. The information is then disseminated to the public more quickly than in the past. When a company brings a voluntary recall to the attention of the agency, it then works to release the information to all of the relevant parties in a timely manner.

Even with all of the improvements the Food and Drug Administration has implemented, some people still do not receive important recall information in time to prevent them from suffering harm. When that happens, the affected parties may be able to pursue restitution for the harm done to them through the civil court system. This litigation can be complex, so having some assistance could prove invaluable.


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