Chain reaction vehicle accidents present an investigative problem

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | Car Accidents

Investigators must follow the evidence wherever it might lead. When it comes to chain reaction vehicle accidents, finding the evidence necessary to determine what happened and when can present a challenge. Victims and the families of deceased victims may have to wait for some time before they know what happened and the party or parties that authorities believe is at fault.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol recently responded to a chain reaction crash involving 18-wheelers and an SUV. As officers conducted their investigation at the scene, they determined that it all started due to a backup of traffic. Two semi-trailers stopped for traffic. Officers did not yet know at last report whether the SUV involved had managed to come to a complete stop prior to the fourth vehicle, another big rig, slamming into the back of it.

The SUV was forced into the second semitrailer before leaving the road. When it entered the grass, the SUV flipped over and threw the driver and passenger out. Passersby attempted to help the victims, but they did not survive long enough to receive emergency medical attention. The driver of one of the big rigs suffered serious injuries, was taken to an area hospital, and succumbed to those injuries there.

Officers reported they believe distracted driving caused and contributed to this crash, which tends to be a factor in many vehicle accidents. If that is the case, the party believed at fault could face both criminal charges and civil claims in the aftermath of this tragedy. The outcome of the investigation could provide evidence useful in wrongful death claims that the victims’ families could file in an Ohio civil court.


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