Zantac recall update: Stop taking this medication immediately

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2020 | Zantac Recall

It has been widely publicized across the country fact that N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) could cause cancer in people who take ranitidine products. Up to this point, the Zantac recall has not urged those who take it to stop doing so. That has changed.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc. is one of the latest ranitidine manufacturing companies to voluntarily recall its medications due to the possible presence of NDMA. This company has decided to completely stop distributing its 150mg and 300 mg ranitidine products in the U.S. In this Dec. 17, 2019, recall, they advise those taking the medication to stop taking it immediately.

This is a big change from the previous FDA notices. Previously, the advice from the FDA has been to consult your doctor to find an alternative, but not to worry about continuing to use ranitidine-based medications for the time being.

Does this mean that the FDA and the companies who manufacture ranitidine are admitting that there is a serious health risk associated with taking Zantac? The warnings against taking medications containing ranitidine are becoming more urgent than they were when Zantac was recalled back in September. It may be too soon to tell.

What is known is that more people are beginning to come forward. They allege that their long-term use of these products lead to cancer. If you were recently diagnosed with cancer and you take or used to take Zantac or a medication containing ranitidine, you may benefit from a thorough review of your situation to to determine whether legal action would be appropriate.


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