Cancer isn’t the only concern in Roundup litigation

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Roundup Litigation

Spring is upon us and many parts of the country are already experiencing at least some spring-like temperatures, including some days here in Ohio. For many people, this means getting their yards and gardens ready for summer. Getting rid of weeds and other yard and garden issues could mean using a pesticide such as Roundup. People may be aware that it can cause certain types of cancer, but that does not mean the focus of all Roundup litigation concerns only that health malady.

Glysophate, which is the active ingredient in this pesticide, has also been known to contribute to other health issues suffered by individuals. For instance, some studies have linked birth defects its use through the disruption of vitamin A production that is essential to fetal development. Individuals who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease could link it back to Roundup as well.

Other medical conditions such as heart disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and Parkinson’s disease could all have links to glyosphate as well. It is also possible that it causes depression associated with poor gut health. All these health issues could profoundly affect a person’s life and interfere with how they are able to live it.

While a good portion of Roundup litigation surrounds those who suffer from cancer, these other health conditions could have substantial ramifications to a person’s life as well and should not be ignored. Ohio residents who suffer from any of the above conditions may want to determine whether legal action would be appropriate. The makers of Roundup have entire legal teams dedicated to defending against lawsuits and other claims, so it would probably not be a good idea to go it alone. Instead, individuals could work with attorneys experienced in going up against large corporations in defense of the innocent victims of their products.


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