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April 2020 Archives

It's not only buildings that could need asbestos abatement

Ohio residents may know that some of the state's older buildings could have dangerous and toxic materials and substances in them that require special handling during a renovation or demolition. For instance, it may be necessary to perform asbestos abatement due to the presence of the destruction of building materials containing this human carcinogen. What some people may not be aware of is that this process may be necessary on items that are not buildings, such as old railroad locomotives.

What makes some hazardous materials carcinogens?

Numerous people here in Ohio and elsewhere across the country receive diagnoses of cancer every day. Some of those individuals contracted their conditions after exposure to hazardous materials labeled as carcinogens. The question many people may have is how a certain substance or material receives this label.

People may have another tool to fight the opioid epidemic

In the midst of all the turmoil going on in the world today, some Ohio residents may have forgotten about the people who ended up with an addiction they never intended to have. The opioid epidemic continues despite anything else going on across the country. Both fortunately and unfortunately, people may have access to a drug that could help save the life of someone they know who suffers from this addiction.

Zantac recall for ranitidine grows to include another medication

People across the country and here in Ohio continue to suffer from gastrointestinal ailments such as ulcers and acid reflux despite the recent removal of medications containing ranitidine from the market. In the wake of the Zantac recall, people turned to other medications to deal with these ailments. The problem is that now people may have to find yet another alternative to treat these conditions due to the recall of yet another medication.

Is the goal of early detection of mesothelioma plausible?

Here in Ohio and elsewhere, people wait up to 50 years to know whether their exposure to asbestos will eventually give them cancer. After all that time, those exposed are supposed to get to the doctor as early as possible of the onset of mesothelioma in order to increase the chances of extending survival. The problem is that by the time most people develop symptoms, it's already too late.

Research shows this leads to faster medical product recalls

With all of the upheaval in the pharmaceutical industry right now, patients, doctors and consumers may have trouble knowing whether a certain drug or device is safe for them to use. Whether here in Ohio or somewhere else in the country, patients deserve to know as quickly as possible that something could be wrong with the medications or medical devices they need. Recent research shows that one factor could speed up medical product recalls -- the gender of a company's CEO.

Do you take Elmiron? Studies link the medicine to vision loss

Research has shown a medication commonly used to treat interstitial cystitis (IC), a painful bladder condition, may be linked to retinal damage and vision loss. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved use of the medication, Elmiron, for treatment of IC many years ago, but this side effect is a rather recent development.

FDA announces complete ranitidine recall

In the midst of everything else going on here in Ohio and across the country, the Food and Drug Administration still has to fulfill its obligations to the public, which means keeping track of dangerous and defective products and medications. As part of this ongoing mission, the FDA recently announced that it requested all manufacturers to initiate an immediate and complete ranitidine recall. This would take all medications containing it off the market.

Mesothelioma isn't the only asbestos-related condition

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer primarily associated with one toxic substance. Many of the people here in Ohio and elsewhere who were exposed to asbestos through their employment or in some other way may always have a fear of receiving a diagnosis of this cancer at some point. However, other medical conditions can result from asbestos exposure.

Issues with EpiPens prompt FDA alert

Ohio residents with severe allergies rely on the epinephrine auto-injectors they carry at all times for relief in an emergency. Those who use the EpiPen 0.3mg or EpiPen Jr 0.15mg manufactured by Pfizer should know that the Food and Drug Administration recently issued an alert regarding the products. The FDA alert also applies to the authorized generic versions of these name brand products.

What does mesothelioma actually do to the body?

The results of exposure to asbestos may not appear for several decades. Ohio residents exposed to this toxic substance unfortunately have to live with not knowing whether they will suffer from the rare and deadly cancer that most often results from it -- mesothelioma. People may know that it exists, but they may not really know what it does to the human body.

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