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May 2020 Archives

Research on mesothelioma treatment continues to show promise

It cannot be easy for an Ohio resident to receive news that he or she suffers from an incurable cancer most likely caused by breathing in asbestos while at work several decades ago. Mesothelioma has no cure, but researchers continue to work on treatments that may extend life and arrest further tumor development for some patients suffering from pleural mesothelioma. One such treatment recently completed its second phase of research, and the results are promising.

The Zantac recall has limited options for heartburn sufferers

Any number of things such as stress, spicy foods and more can cause heartburn. Many people across the country and here in Ohio used to take medications containing ratinidine for this condition, which is the main ingredient in over-the-counter drugs such as Zantac. When the Zantac recall began, people were forced to find other options, and they continue to get smaller as options dwindle.

Company finds toxic materials in its CBD oil

The popularity of CBD oils has increased dramatically in recent years across the country and here in Ohio. It claims numerous health benefits -- as long as it is not contaminated with toxic materials. For instance, Summitt Labs recently issued a recall of one of its brands of CBD oil due to dangerous levels of lead.

J&J announces the end of talc-based baby powders

After spending years insisting its products were safe, Johnson & Johnson recently made a game-changing announcement. It will soon stop selling talc-based baby powders believed to contain asbestos throughout the country, including here in Ohio. The hope is that other companies using loose talc will do the same since it is believed that any exposure to this human carcinogen is not safe.

Food and Drug Administration reports tetracycline recall

Regardless of what else may be going on across the country and here in Ohio, people still need antibiotics in order to treat infections. If those medications fail to do their jobs, it will only make matters worse for patients. For this reason, the Food and Drug Administration recently announced a recall of tetracycline, which is one of the antibiotics prescribed for a variety of infections.

Can asbestos containment areas be trusted?

Finding a toxic substance in one of Ohio's older buildings is scary enough without wondering whether it can safely be contained. For instance, when asbestos is found in a building, that area is supposed to be quarantined and the threat should be contained. However, residents or workers in the building may have concerns that they may contract a disease connected to any exposure that may occur.

How do doctors make a mesothelioma diagnosis?

Most doctors here in Ohio and elsewhere would have no reason to suspect that an individual suffered exposure to asbestos at some point in the past. Even so, this piece of information is vital in order to help explain certain symptoms as they arise, such as a shortness of breath, which could indicate mesothelioma, which is the rare cancer associated with such exposure. However, even knowing this about a patient does not guarantee an easy diagnosis.

Nizatidine oral solution recalled for presence of NDMA

By now, most people here in Ohio have heard of the problem with heartburn medications containing rantidine, including Zantac. Testing indicates these medications contain unsafe levels of NDMA, which is a probable human carcinogen. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration ordered the recall of all rantidine products from the market. Now, yet another heartburn medication is being recalled due to the presence of NDMA.

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