Asbestos, a word no one wants to be associated with

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

Recently, a town in Quebec voted to change its name because its current name is a word no one in Ohio or anywhere else in the world wants to be associated with any longer. Starting in December, Asbestos, Quebec will be renamed Val-des-Sources, which means valley of the springs. The new name certainly has a more calming feel to it.

The town was named Asbestos due to its proximity to Jeffrey Mine, which used to be the world’s largest asbestos mine. That used to be something the townspeople were proud of, but with the asbestos bans that started in the 1970s, it’s a part of the town’s history that many would rather forget. The town’s mayor claims no one wants to receive mail with the name Asbestos on it, as it is now considered something to fear rather than a valuable mineral.

According to reports, residents recently voted on the name change. Val-de-Sources was one of six choices. It received over 51% of the vote, which was completed with a drive-in vote. A total of 2,800 people participated in the process. Those 14 years old and older were permitted to vote.

This whole thing may seem an extreme step to take, but the townspeople’s concerns over the name of their home are not unfounded. Asbestos is a dangerous substance, one whose use has cost people in Ohio and all over the world their lives. Anyone who has been exposed to the mineral and has since become ill, or anyone who has lost a loved one to an asbestos-related illness, may seek compensation for their losses through legal means. An experienced attorney will have the ability to review one’s case and, if appropriate, file any applicable claims in court.


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