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Two important steps for those who took Zantac

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Zantac Recall

Zantac contains N-nitroso dimethylamine, a substance known to cause cancer. Those who have used this medication may wonder what comes next. If they are interested in holding the manufacturer accountable, where do they begin?

Although the process may seem overwhelming, victims can start with these two steps to help protect a potential claim:

  1. Organize. In order to have a claim, a victim must generally be able to show that they took the medication in question. Gather copies of receipts, prescriptions and any other documents that help prove that you purchased and used the medications.
  2. Document. In most instances, a successful claim also requires the presence of an injury. If available, gather copies of medical records, tests and other documents in connection to a recent cancer diagnosis. Even those without such a diagnosis may still have a claim. There is a strong argument that increased need to monitor for the presence of these cancers is required due to the fact that the medication contained a known carcinogen.

Those who find themselves considering whether or not to move forward with a case may take heart in the fact that they are not alone. Hundreds of cases are currently moving forward in courts throughout the country. Victims are working to hold drug manufacturers accountable for providing a medication that causes such catastrophic injury. These efforts can serve multiple purposes that include the ability to gain funds to help cover the expenses that result from treating your own injury to helping deter other drug manufacturers from making the same decisions and injuring others.

Unfortunately, legal remedies are often time barred. As such, victims who believe that they have suffered injury as a result of this medication are wise to act to protect their interests. A failure to do so could mean you miss the window and the time period to hold these manufacturers accountable ends before you make your claim.


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