Soldiers gain momentum in earplug case against 3M

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | 3M Earplugs

Soldiers throughout the country are suffering from ear ringing, pain, and hearing loss. Many have connected these issues to use of an earplug while in service made by 3M. An earplug that 3M marketed as a way to limit the damaging sounds of war while still allowing the soldiers to hear those nearby. The global technology company touted the device as way to help better ensure soldiers could communicate while conducting operations and still protect their hearing.

Soldiers noted that the earplugs did not seem to work. They still experienced the full force of the sounds of war while using the earplugs, which at times seemed to amplify the noise. Years later, it turns out that there is evidence 3M not only knew the Combat Arms Earplugs Version 2 may not be as effective as they thought, but that they could even cause damage to the soldiers.

What kind of evidence?

Reports are present that show the global powerhouse known for innovation may have fudged test results and hid design flaws. Victims who used the earplugs and now suffer from life-altering injuries state 3M did not give proper instructions on how to use the earplugs, causing even more injury.

How many were injured by these earplugs?

At this time 3M faces more than 230,000 claims from current soldiers and veterans who state use of the earplugs caused injury. The earplugs in question were in use from 2007 through 2013.

How are these cases going?

3M continues to deny the allegations, but the jury does not always agree. Thus far, at least three cases have gone in the soldier’s favor with the jury granting the soldiers hundreds of thousands in award money to help cover the costs that result from their injury.

What if I was injured by these earplugs?

Soldiers and veterans who used these earplugs during service and now suffer from hearing loss or other hearing injuries may have a claim against 3M. It is important to hold mega corporations like 3M accountable for their wrongdoing. This will serve two important purposes. First, it will result in funds to help cover the expenses that come with the injury the corporation was at least partly responsible for and second, it will serve as a deterrent. This will better ensure that 3M and other companies like them act honorably when serving both our soldiers and civilians.


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