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What are my rights if a large company wrongs me?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Products Liability

We expect the products we use to be safe. Yet we hear again and again about consumers getting cancer from a medication or due to exposure to dangerous substances like asbestos or weed killers. These are just a few of the examples of products that can make us sick or even lead to death. But what can we do when those products are created by big corporations?

Can we really fight back?

Yes. Yes, you can fight back and hold big corporations accountable for causing your illness. The law protects consumers in these situations. In fact, this area of the law is so important that it has its own category: product liability.

What exactly is product liability?

The legal term product liability refers to the ability of a consumer to hold a manufacturer and seller responsible for selling a defective or dangerous product. Any business that was a part of the building, marketing, distribution, and sale of the product could potentially bare some responsibility. The consumer would then gather evidence that the product caused their injury and move forward with a civil claim against the business. This can lead to financial compensation to help cover the expenses that result from the product like medical bills and lost wages when we are too sick to work.

Do I need a lawyer?

Unfortunately, even when it may seem obvious that a product caused illness or injury, companies may hesitate to accept responsibility and help pay for the costs associated with the damage done by their product. They may claim that the victim does not have enough evidence to show that their product was the cause of the illness or injury. They may even argue that the victim misused the product, and that this misuse caused the injury. You can help better ensure your interests are protected by hiring an attorney to help prepare for these and other possible defense strategies and to gather evidence and, if needed, expert witnesses to build your case.


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