3 things you should know about nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Abuse/Neglect

Nursing home residents count on the staff members at the facility to treat them with dignity and take care of their needs. They don’t expect that they will pay to be mistreated. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a major issue in some facilities. 

It’s crucial that everyone be able to recognize some of the more common signs of nursing home abuse. This atrocious treatment can happen to anyone. 

Physical signs might be hidden

Bruises and cuts are some of the easiest signs of nursing home abuse to look for, but these might be hidden under clothing. Because of this, you may have to watch how the resident moves. If they’re being overly ginger with certain movements, there might be hidden bruising or tissue damage present. 

Being withdrawn may signal abuse

Residents may become withdrawn or isolated when there’s abuse present. This may be because their abuser is threatening them and monitoring their interactions with others. It could also be because they’re scared the abuser will harm people close to them. 

Lack of hygiene is a problem

Sometimes, nursing home abuse includes failing to help the resident with basic hygiene needs. They may urinate or defecate in their clothing due to a lack of assistance making it to the toilet. They may not shower or might have on clothes that are inappropriate for the current weather conditions. 

Anyone with a loved one in a nursing home should watch for signs of abuse. Vulnerable elderly residents may not speak up about what’s going on. If abuse has occurred then it’s possible to pursue a claim for compensation but this must be done within a certain time. Working with someone familiar with these cases may make it easier to get the case moving forward.


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