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How can people prove that Roundup caused their cancer?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Roundup Litigation

Roundup is one of the most widely-used agricultural chemicals. Roundup, or glyphosate, is owned by Monsanto, a company that is a subsidiary of Bayer. It has been in use since 1976. Sadly, it may be less safe than people long believed.

Some farmers spray Roundup on crops to prevent weeds from growing. Many property owners use Roundup to eliminate needs in their lawns. Homeowners, farm workers and maintenance professionals may end up exposed to Roundup frequently. There is some research connecting Roundup exposure to cancer. Researchers have found a link between non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Roundup. Someone who develops lymphoma may blame their prior Roundup exposure for their illness. But how can they prove the chemical caused their cancer?

They need medical and personal evidence

A strong Roundup claim starts with good documentation. Someone who has had regular exposure to Roundup that they can prove in court may have a viable claim. The more frequently someone used Roundup, the stronger the connection. Additionally, people need the help of a lawyer who can properly present medical and scientific research in court. Recently, the company that currently owns Roundup, Bayer, won a major lawsuit. The company’s lawyers claimed that non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma usually develops spontaneously.

A lawyer developing a Roundup cancer lawsuit must present evidence to convince the courts that the chemical caused someone’s cancer. A plaintiff with the right evidence and the right support could possibly receive compensation. A successful Roundup lawsuit can help pay for medical treatment and replace lost wages. Ultimately, holding companies accountable for their dangerous products can be a difficult but worthwhile endeavor.


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