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Mesothelioma victim blames dozens of companies for cancer

Although some asbestos exposure cases can be traced back to a single company or exposure, other claims are not as well defined. Exposure from companies decades ago can be a complicated matter for Ohio victims. One woman believes that she developed cancer after continual asbestos exposure over several years. 

Residents worried about asbestos exposure from construction

Most people do not need to be told how dangerous asbestos is. Simply mention the possibility of asbestos exposure and many people in Ohio begin to feel on edge and nervous, as most are fully aware of the havoc that the substance can wreak on a person's body. One out-of-state community is apparently feeling unnerved at the revelation that asbestos-contaminated dirt was found near their homes.

Ohio company may create trust for asbestos exposure victims

Asbestos exposure can create serious and life threatening illness. When it is not properly handled and workers are left unprotected, a company may be held responsible. A victim that has suffered from asbestos exposure in the past may question their legal right to seek financial redress against any party deemed responsible. An Ohio company has recently taken the preliminary steps needed to create a trust for previous and current employees that have claimed personal injury after asbestos exposure.

Doctor gives sober outlook for mesothelioma treatment

A doctor has sobering news for Ohio residents suffering from mesothelioma. In a recent article, the doctor states that current mesothelioma research is showing little progress in its attempt to more successfully treat the fatal disease. The doctor claims that researchers need more funding and more efficient research planning to make any significant breakthroughs.

How to deal with mesothelioma cancer

As many of our readers have already come to know, mesothelioma is a rare and deadly form of cancer linked to the ingestion of asbestos fibers. While we work diligently to hold businesses and manufacturers accountable for their actions, we never lose sight of the fact that human beings are at the center of our work.

Housing market rebounding, but asbestos still a concern

News of residential home price renaissance is good news for the nation's economy. Many people in Ohio still remember how the housing crisis crippled financial markets and led to a damaging recession. Nevertheless, Bloomberg News reports that home prices improved in 88 percent of U.S. cities, including the Cleveland metropolitan area. The rise in prices indicates that qualified people are confident about buying again and the market has finally stabilized.

Road gravel may contain cancer causing mineral

The dust clouds that emanate from trucks and busses in rural North Dakota may not seem harmful, but a recent study published in the July issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) suggests that these clouds may have high levels of erionite, a mineral that can cause mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer linked to continued asbestos exposure.

New orphan drug may help mesothelioma patients

The Food and Drug Administration has granted orphan drug status to Amatuximab, an new cancer drug that is suspected to help people suffering from malignant forms of mesothelioma. The Orphan Drug Act allows the FDA to approve certain drugs that are used to treat fewer than 200,000 people (i.e. people with rare diseases). Mesothelioma is listed in that category, and the disease claims about 2,500 people each year.

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