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Lap Band manufacturer named in product liability claim

A childless couple blames Allergan Inc. for ruining all of the progress that they had made with fertility treatments. Allergan is now named as a defendant in a civil suit concerning the alleged defective product that led to the woman's injuries. Although the injury did occur in a medical setting, the defective product was the cause of the injury and not medical professionals or the hospital, making a product liability claim the most appropriate course of action for those in Ohio who have suffered from a similar incident. 

IKEA could face product liability claims over mattress

Ohio parents place an enormous amount of trust in the companies and manufacturers that produce products for their children. From toys to baby formula, most parents simply want what is best and safest for their child. After purchasing what may have initially appeared to be the most appropriate item, it can be devastating to learn that it has been recalled due to serious potential hazards. If injuries do occur because of the defect, it could result in product liability claims against the company.

Hazardous materials found in Beech-Nut baby food

At least one child has been injured by a stray piece of glass that was allegedly found in a jar of baby food. Beech-Nut Nutrition -- the manufacturer of the baby food in question -- issued a voluntary recall following the injury claim. However, that may be of little peace of mind to Ohio parents who might now be worried about hazardous materials in their children's baby food.

Fiskars Brands Inc. settles CPSC complaint re product liability

Safe and reliable products may not seem like too much to ask for, but defective or dangerous products appear to still grace store shelves in Ohio, putting consumers at risk. Recently, the parent company of Gerber Legendary Blades, Fiskars Brands Inc., forked over millions in fines amid allegations that it did not inform the Consumer Product Safety Commission of a possible defective product in a timely manner. According to the company, the product in question -- an axe -- hit the shelves after company employees tested a few of the axes and concluded that they were safe. Some victims may find that a product liability claim can be an appropriate course of action.

Your cookware could contain toxic materials

Teflon cookware is widely popular in many kitchens across Ohio. While its non-stick surface has made it a convenient alternative to other types of cookware -- such as stainless steel or cast iron -- it is not necessarily safer than these alternatives. In fact, Teflon has been the focus of an Environmental Protection Agency investigation since the 1990s and apparently contains toxic materials.

Injury from recalled product may warrant product liability claim

Ohio consumers may not have to look too far to discover a dangerous product, or a story about how a family was affected by a recalled product. Take, for instance, the family that suffered the death of a baby fatally injured by his own baby monitor. Those who have been injured by a dangerous product and are pursuing a product liability claim might be surprised to learn how few recalls ever actually reach consumers. 

Alleged defective air bag manufacturer may face product liability

Advances in technology have helped vehicles evolve from clunky metal rectangles on wheels into the sleek, heavily-protected motor vehicles that most people in Ohio know them as today. Despite these advances, defective safety designs can actually put some motorists at an increased risk for injury in a car wreck. Recent air bag injuries illustrate the hazards of such design flaws, and they may also be the basis for an onslaught of product liability claims.

What qualifies as hazardous materials?

No matter where you look these days, a myriad of products are considered to be health and/or safety risks. Known as hazardous materials, these items can cause a lot of problems if not used, transported or discarded properly. What actually qualifies as hazardous materials and what can Ohio residents do if they are injured or lose a loved one due to exposure to these materials?

How does product liability protect Ohio consumers?

Most people have heard the words product liability, but some may not understand everything those two simple words can encompass. Thousands of people are injured across the United States every year -- including residents of Ohio -- by dangerous or defective products. Gaining an understanding of what product liability is can help consumers know what rights and protections are guaranteed to them.

Number of deaths related to GM recall could rise, lawyers say

Ohio drivers should know about an important auto recall and the effects that it may have on one manufacturer. A dozen deaths have already been blamed on the issue, and some think that many more will be uncovered.

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