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$5 million verdict reinstated for asbestos exposure

Laws and regulations surrounding asbestos use are rapidly evolving to protect workers and families like never before, but many people are still experiencing the aftermath of a less-regulated period of time. Decades in the past, even when the toxic effects of asbestos exposure were well understood, regulations were not always sufficient for protecting people. A family outside of Ohio was recently awarded millions for those past failings.

Bipartisan bill could help limit asbestos exposure

It is not often that positive news regarding asbestos makes national headlines, but overwhelming support for a new bill could mean better safety regulations for the future. After receiving bipartisan support, the bill only needs to pass Congress and then be signed by the President. It aims to expand protection against asbestos exposure to more communities and families.

Ongoing asbestos exposure serious concern for university faculty

Most Ohio workers understandably expect to be taken seriously when reporting concerns related to toxic substances in their workplace. Unfortunately, not all employers take reports from worried employees earnestly, putting the entire workforce at continued risk of asbestos exposure. In many instances, workers who voice asbestos concerns risk having their continued employment threatened or cut short.

Scientists say cancer risk, length of asbestos exposure related

No level of asbestos exposure is believed to be safe, but how long the exposure lasts can have a profound influence on the risk of falling ill. A new study finally uncovered evidence and data to support the long-held hypothesis that the length of time a person is employed in an asbestos-related field is directly related to a person's chance of developing cancer. Mesothelioma is an especially fatal form of cancer that is caused by asbestos, and it continues to affect Ohio workers.

Asbestos exposure still a significant risk in Ohio schools

Parents in Ohio typically expect their children's schools to provide safe and healthy environments that foster learning. Sadly, some of that trust might be misguided. Asbestos exposure is a real and ongoing risk to students and staff in schools all across the United States of America.

Asbestos exposure discovered during Great Arch renovations

From the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge, unforgettable landmarks attract visitors from across the United States and often play a vital role in local economies. However, renovations and upkeep projects on landmarks that were built during a time when asbestos was a common building material should proceed with care in order to prevent unnecessary asbestos exposure. Recent renovations were halted on a popular landmark with which many people in Ohio are likely already familiar.

Company owner admits she knew of asbestos exposure

Asbestos and its handling is heavily regulated due to the serious health complications that it can cause. Although the toxic substance is no longer actively used for construction, its popularity in the past has allowed it to persist in a significant number of existing structures. Disclosure of its presence is necessary for workers who must subsequently take safety precautions in order to prevent dangerous asbestos exposure. A company based outside of Ohio recently had to answer federal charges after it was accused of failing to disclose an asbestos risk to workers.

Victims of asbestos exposure could soon have another worry

Asbestos victims in Ohio and across of the rest of the nation stand to be victimized a second time, this time by legislative action. A proposed bill titled the Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act seeks to disclose the private and personal information of individuals who have been victimized by asbestos exposure. Several groups are lobbying against the bill out of concern that the FACT Act would make it remarkably easy for this type of sensitive information to become compromised.

Workers claim OSHA overlooked asbestos exposure at workplace

Asbestos is commonly thought of as a problem of the past, an issue with which only older generations must deal. While it might be true that many people now suffering the tragic and often fatal complications of asbestos exposure are those who worked with or around the substance decades ago, the danger is not yet gone. A recent workplace accident in a state near Ohio exposed what may be an ongoing issue with asbestos in at least one factory.

Cancer risk still high even as asbestos use goes down

The rate of asbestos exposure and related fatal disease might have fluctuated over time, but the danger of breathing in asbestos fibers has not. Although use of asbestos in construction and other industries has waned, danger still lurks in existing structures. Sadly, many workers in Ohio are unaware that they have even been exposed to the toxic substance until years later, when cancer diagnoses begin to roll in.

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