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Workers claim OSHA overlooked asbestos exposure at workplace

Asbestos is commonly thought of as a problem of the past, an issue with which only older generations must deal. While it might be true that many people now suffering the tragic and often fatal complications of asbestos exposure are those who worked with or around the substance decades ago, the danger is not yet gone. A recent workplace accident in a state near Ohio exposed what may be an ongoing issue with asbestos in at least one factory.

Cancer risk still high even as asbestos use goes down

The rate of asbestos exposure and related fatal disease might have fluctuated over time, but the danger of breathing in asbestos fibers has not. Although use of asbestos in construction and other industries has waned, danger still lurks in existing structures. Sadly, many workers in Ohio are unaware that they have even been exposed to the toxic substance until years later, when cancer diagnoses begin to roll in.

Asbestos exposure crimes lead to $400,000 restitution order

Asbestos exposure in industrial settings such as shipyards, old schools, houses, public buildings and auto repair shops can cause mesothelioma. Asbestos dust can accumulate on the lining of the lungs and cause respiratory illnesses. In extreme cases, it can be malignant and form cancer around the linings of the heart and abdomen. Although short-term exposure can be life-threatening, it can also take many years for mesothelioma to develop. For this reason, laws regulating asbestos exposure exist at the federal and state levels, including in Ohio.

Cancer concerns may be growing for construction workers

The use of asbestos as a building material has long been abandoned for most construction projects, but many older homes and buildings in Ohio still contain asbestos. Whether undergoing renovations or being torn down entirely, these homes can pose a serious risk to construction workers. Asbestos exposure can lead to any number of deadly diseases, including cancer and lung disease.

Asbestos exposure at schools has parents on high alert

Ohio parents who send their children to school not only expect that they will be provided with a good education, but that they will also be in a safe and protected environment. Some out-of-state parents got a rude awakening when, last school year, asbestos was found lurking in three different schools. Many families are now worried about the lasting aftermath of asbestos exposure, especially in the youngest and most vulnerable student.

Despite health risks, asbestos exposure continues

The debate over asbestos and its negative health effects was closed long ago, yet it continues to make an appearance in multiple industries. When companies insist on the continued use of this deadly material, workers and other innocent bystanders at risk for the medical complications and injuries that accompany asbestos exposure. Every year in Ohio, industry workers are forced to come in contact with asbestos under the guise that it can be incorporated safely.

Crayons, other toys caused asbestos exposure

Coloring books, blank sheets of paper and handfuls of crayons are go-to entertainment sources for the vast majority of children in Ohio, and as the new school year looms ahead, many parents are purchasing crayons based upon school supply lists. While crayons might seem like just another innocuous staple of childhood, a recent recall indicates that several brands harbored the deadly toxin asbestos. Asbestos exposure is well known for causing serious illnesses, including cancer and lung disease.

BNSF Railway on the line for alleged asbestos exposure

Many asbestos related diseases and illnesses take years and even decades to surface, making it difficult for Ohio victims who no longer work at a place where they were exposed to the deadly substance. However, three men who were formerly employed with the BNSF Railway believe that they know exactly when they wrongly suffered from asbestos exposure, leading to their illnesses. All three have filed a lawsuit against the Railway, claiming that it was negligent when it came to protecting workers. 

Garlock Sealing Technologies seeks to right asbestos exposure

It is not entirely uncommon for companies that exposed Ohio workers or consumers to asbestos to ultimately need to file for bankruptcy. The reason behind that common move is fairly straight forward, as asbestos exposure can cause catastrophic injuries that often lead to claims against a company. Garlock Sealing Technologies is no exception, although it appears that despite the company's bankruptcy, it still intends to care for those who were seriously harmed by asbestos.

What are the risks of asbestos exposure and who can it affect?

Asbestos was used in Ohio and across the United States in a wide range of products for quite some time up until the late 1970s. Several products made with asbestos include different building materials, pipes, car parts, railroad parts and even paints. Unfortunately, it wasn't known until well after its wide use that asbestos exposure can have life-altering effects that may not be felt for several years after the initial contact.

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