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May 2013 Archives

Two killed when car crashes into house

Car accidents can have tragic endings when they occur on city streets in Cleveland, or on interstates that connect suburbs to rural areas. When they occur when people are at home, they are far more troubling. People sitting at home are supposed to be safe from the dangers that riding in a car brings. For a couple on Cleveland's Wade Park Avenue, that danger ended up being fatal.

Study highlights danger of driving with pet in the car

Distracted driving often stems from a cognitive choice to concentrate on something besides the road. It could be anything from calling a doctor's office to make an appointment to putting on mascara and that last layer of lipstick. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration considers anything that takes a driver's eyes or concentration off the road, or their hands off the steering wheel, as distracted driving.

Texting and driving more dangerous than drunk driving for teens

With Ohio's spring weather inviting more drivers to take to the road, more teenage drivers will be behind the wheel. May and June are historically dangerous months for teen drivers as they frequently go to proms and graduation parties. However, teen drivers are subject to a number of dangers, including excessive speed, drunk driving, and distracted driving.

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