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July 2014 Archives

Sterile drugs recalled for fear of possible drug injuries

Unique Pharmaceuticals has issued a voluntary recall of all sterile drug products that have not expired. This recall was prompted after an inspection of the drug-manufacturing facilities found sanitation issues. It is believed that these sanitation problems could lead to the contamination of products, in turn causing drug injuries to patients. As drugs from this manufacturer are shipped nationwide, patients in Ohio may want to be aware of this situation.

Car accidents can have a tragic impact on Ohio families

An afternoon auto accident involving six vehicles has affected the lives of several people in Ohio. There is no question that car accidents can have life-altering effects for those both directly and indirectly involved. This recent multi-vehicle crash has drastically changed the life of a young man who lost his family in the collision, and the lives of several others who suffered injuries as a result of the incident.

Hazardous materials transportation accidents a concern in Ohio

According to current data hazmat spills are on the rise nationwide. As it stands, Ohio is leading the country in hazardous materials transportation incidents. In 2013, Cincinnati alone experienced one of these spills a day on average. This is a huge concern for not only officials in Ohio, but the residents who have been or could be negatively affected.

Neglecting safety can cause car accidents in Ohio

Safety is an important aspect of driving to which every motorist should pay attention. This means taking the necessary precautions in order to minimize risk of injury from car accidents. Wearing one's safety belt and driving at a safe speed are two of the most important safety measures a driver and passengers should take while on the road. Unfortunately, it seems that both of these safety measures may not have been heeded in a recent fatal crash in Ohio.

Fatal car accidents in Ohio can warrant investigation

The loss of a loved one in a fatal crash is certainly difficult to bear and will leave families with a lot of questions regarding the circumstances behind the incident. Ohio State Troopers are currently investigating a single-car crash that resulted in the death of two women. As with all fatal car accidents, this crash deserves attention from police to bring justice to the victims who lost their lives.

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