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October 2015 Archives

Cholesterol-lowering statins linked to drug injuries in patients

Statins are some of the most popularly prescribed medications in America, with millions of people in Ohio and across the country taking this medication daily in order to help lower their cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is well understood to increase the chance of suffering serious health afflictions like a stroke or heart attack, but taking medication to lower those levels might be doing more harm than good. Drug injuries associated with statin use is beginning to surface, with those affected suffering from an astronomically high risk of death.

Wife, daughter blame asbestos exposure for man's death

The loss of a spouse is typically devastating, especially when outside influences -- such as asbestos -- played a major role in the cause of death. An out-of-state woman alongside her daughter filed suit over her husband's death, alleging that it was caused by asbestos exposure. While employers in Ohio and across the rest of the United States are required by law to provide all necessary safety gear and training when workers absolutely must handle asbestos or be near it, these safety regulations are too often ignored.

Sleep deprivation has strong influence on car accidents

Pulling all-nighters is an obvious source of sleep deprivation for minors and adults in Ohio alike, but one study indicates that drivers do not have to forego an entire night's rest in order to be a danger on the road. Sleep deprivation can play a serious and significant role in car accidents. While each person might require a different amount of sleep in order to feel well rested, sleeping too few hours each night is enough to make a person feel drowsy behind the wheel.

Agricultural workers say Monsanto's herbicide has toxic materials

The efficacy of a product is certainly an important aspect and is usually a crucial selling point for consumers, but it is far from the only factor to consider before putting a product on the market. If a product is effective but also highly toxic, the risks might far outweigh any possible benefits to Ohio consumers. The bio-tech company Monsanto currently faces multiple allegations that at least one of its products contains toxic materials that led to serious injuries.

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