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January 2017 Archives

Injured individuals may choose to file Ohio personal injury suit

A multi-vehicle accident left a little girl critically injured on Jan. 22. An Ohio man is facing drunken driving charges after allegedly causing the crash that left the 6-year-old in critical condition, injured three others and resulted in a diesel fuel spill. In addition to the criminal charges, the driver believed to have been at fault may be facing several personal injury claims as well if those injured in the crash decide to pursue legal action.

Asbestos litigation settlement could encourage Ohio sufferers

A recent $25 million settlement for miners in another state could prove promising for asbestos victims in Ohio. More than 100 people were awarded the money from their state for its failure to warn residents and their families of the high levels of asbestos to which they were being exposed from a nearby mine, and its accompanying dangers. This case of asbestos litigation will hopefully encourage other victims to step forward and seek legal recompense for their suffering.

Ohio crash involving buggy results in personal injury, death

Ohio State Troopers are still investigating a multiple vehicle crash that occurred on the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 18. This motor vehicle accident was somewhat unique, different from typical car crashes in that it was between a pickup truck and an Amish buggy. The incident claimed the life of the buggy's passenger and resulted in the personal injury of its driver.

Samsung could potentially face product liability suits for washer

Despite a recall of almost three million washing machines in November 2016, Samsung may still run into legal troubles over the dangerous household appliances. With at least nine reports of injury, including a broken jaw, the company could potentially end up facing one or more product liability suits. There has already been talk of a proposed class action suit against them. Residents of Ohio should be aware of the possible threat these appliances hold.

Vape shop named in product liability e-cigarette suit

The products commonly referred to e-cigarettes have been increasingly making headlines of late. The popular vaping devices, used in Ohio and across the nation, are often touted as a tool for smoking cessation, but it appears that fires and explosions involving the items are on the rise. Most recently, a vape shop is facing a product liability lawsuit after one such device left a man with multiple burns. Allegedly, the device exploded in his pocket.

Automobile accidents nearly double at dangerous Ohio intersection

An Ohio city is demanding that safety improvements be made at a dangerous intersection. According to data from the Medina County Sheriff logs and the Ohio State Highway Patrol, an increase in the  number of automobile accidents at an intersection in Sharon Township has prompted calls for action. In 2015, three accidents occurred at the intersection; in 2016, the number of crashes was five.

Dangers of Ohio car accidents: Crash seriously injures young teen

Any motor vehicle accident is upsetting, even when no one involved is injured. Car accidents involving a child, however, are especially frightening. Thankfully, the young Ohio girl who was struck by a car on the morning of Jan. 4 was not killed in the collision, though she did apparently suffer serious injury.

Conference raises awareness of dangers of asbestos exposure

While the use of asbestos has declined since its dangers were recognized, it was once a prevalent building material in Ohio and nationwide, used by companies ranging from construction to automotive manufacturing. Sadly, it was only after the loss of many lives due to the cancer caused by asbestos exposure that the material was finally declared unsafe. Today, there is even an Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization whose purpose is to use education, advocacy and community to end asbestos exposure.

Manufacturer of FieldTurf facing product liability lawsuits

FieldTurf was supposed to be a durable and weather-resistant artificial playing surface for sports fields. The company who manufactured it, Tarkett, even offered an eight-year guarantee. However, it is now facing multiple product liability lawsuits from school systems in California. Many fields in Ohio and across the nation utilize the artificial turf as well.

Victims of Ohio car accidents have legal options for recompense

Most of the time, when people get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they're concentrating on where they're going or thinking about things they need to do. Few people are thinking about the dangers of car accidents or the chances of being involved in a wreck, especially if they themselves are generally good drivers. Unfortunately, just because someone is a skilled driver doesn't necessarily mean they'll be able to avoid an accident, since other drivers aren't always so careful. This is apparently what happened in a recent two-vehicle crash in Howland that resulted in four people being taken to Ohio hospitals.

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