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August 2017 Archives

Couple blames former employer for husband's lung cancer

Far too many residents of Ohio only now are finding themselves diagnosed with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses after decades of working in manufacturing jobs all over the area. Sadly, they are not the only ones to suffer this fate. A couple in another state has filed a lawsuit against several manufacturers, alleging that the husband's lung cancer is due to his asbestos exposure as an employee of the companies named in the suit.

Pharmaceutical litigation case alleges meds caused birth defects

Knowing the possibility of potential side effects is important so that Ohio patients can weigh the risks before making an informed decision about how a medication may affect their health and well-being. Possibly even more important for some individuals, though, is knowing how prescription medication, when taken by a pregnant mother, might affect an unborn fetus. A recent case of pharmaceutical litigation in another state involves this weighty matter.

Automobile accidents may be riskier when more vehicles involved

Car crashes are upsetting and dangerous even when only one or two vehicles are involved. When automobile accidents involve multiple vehicles, though, the likelihood of serious injury increases, as does property damage. Such is the case in a recent Ohio accident that involved four vehicles and resulted in at least two people being hospitalized.

Product liability suit alleges scooter caused serious injury

When Ohio parents purchase a product intended for children, they have the right to assume that product is safe. All consumers should be able to feel secure in the products they purchase, of course, but this is often even more important when children's safety may be at risk. In another state, a couple recently filed a product liability lawsuit when a company allegedly failed to do just that.

Lawsuit alleges wrongful death from decades of asbestos exposure

As one of the nation's largest producers of metal, rubber and plastics appliances and products, Ohio had a notoriously high use of asbestos throughout the factories and plants due to the manufacturing processes. Decades later this has translated into a disproportionately high number of deaths from mesothelioma and other types of cancer related to asbestos exposure. Sadly, Ohio is not alone in this tragic predicament.

Mother sues, claiming pharmacy error led to drug injuries

When Ohio parents have a child with a health condition, their focus is typically on the child's well-being, not the possibility of a medication error. Frighteningly, though, pharmaceutical mistakes happen every day across the country. Sometimes, the mistake is minor or someone catches it before major harm is done; unfortunately, this is not always the case. Far too often, the resulting drug injuries are severe if not fatal.

Asbestos exposure suit hopes to curb future misconduct

Ignorance, they say, is bliss. Unfortunately, many residents of Ohio don't have the luxury of such ignorance when it comes to asbestos exposure and the cancer that often results. Because of the historical prevalence of asbestos in the manufacturing plants and industrial factories that covered the state, far too many individuals and their families are intimately familiar with the long-term health hazards of this carcinogenic substance.

Childhood exposure to toxic materials may lead to cancer later

Whether in Ohio or anywhere across the country, it's far from unusual to find children playing outdoors. Many kids spend their days year-round running around in the woods, often near lakes and streams. Imagine the horror of discovering that all that time a child was getting fresh air and exercise, he or she was also being exposed to toxic materials.

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