When bedrails do more harm than good

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Products Liability

Bed rails can be more dangerous and unsteady than many people think. There are several people who die from bed rail accidents every year. Sometimes, these products are recalled while other times they are not. Anyone working or living in a healthcare facility in Ohio and other states should learn about the dangers of using bed rails.

The problems and solutions of bedrails

The dangers of bed rails are obvious to anyone. If a rail breaks, the occupant of the bed will immediately fall to the ground. The result could be a fractured bone, shoulder dislocation or muscle tear.

The solution to making bedrails safer is to make sure that everything fits tightly and closely together. The rail must be screwed in tightly without loose movement. It should be placed as close to the mattress as possible. When sitting, the rail should be the proper height above the level of the elbow and right below the shoulder.

The liability of dangerous bedrails

When bedrails fail, someone or some company has to be held responsible. Product liability is found with the manufacturer and many other types of people, such as the retail store owners, the medical facilities, and the individuals who used the rails. When there are widespread problems with rails that affect thousands of people, there is often a nationwide recall. In 2021, there was a recall after two people died from using faulty bed rails.

When bedrails kill

A bed rail is designed to protect a sick or injured bed-ridden patient from harm. Instead, a poorly designed or installed one will only lead to a severe physical injury. The immediate reaction is for the patient or family member to sue the hospital or nursing staff. But often, the accident is caused by the negligence of the product manufacturer and must be dealt with from a legal perspective.


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