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What is internet fraud and what are the potential defenses to it?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Most of us probably feel comfortable that we know the basics of what fraud is. We probably all use a computer and the internet too at some point during the day. It makes sense, therefore, to assume that internet fraud is fraud that happens over the internet. But, what exactly does that mean and if you’ve been charged with it, do you have a defense?

There are many different types of internet fraud

Some common examples include:

  • Credit card fraud – using the details of another person’s credit card to make purchases online without their consent or knowledge

  • Hacking or malware – this happens where a person illegally accesses the personal and private information of another and then uses it for their own benefit

  • Banking fraud – this is where a third party contacts you pretending to be from your bank and convinces you to give them access to your account

Defenses to internet fraud

One of the defenses available against a charge of internet fraud is that you had the consent of the alleged victim at the time you took the actions which are the basis of the fraud allegation. If you can prove, therefore, that you had the permission of the other party to use their credit card, for example, this is a defense against the allegation made.

Similarly, if you can prove that you lacked the intent to commit fraud at the time that the event occurred, this is a defense you can use against the charges the prosecution are bringing against you.

Thirdly, cases of internet fraud involve a lot of technical examination of evidence and can be very difficult to prove. If the prosecution does not have the level of evidence they need, the case against you may be weakened significantly.

If you’ve been charged with internet or computer fraud, there are many technicalities that need to be investigated and require the help of an experienced legal professional. 


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