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December 2014 Archives

For Actos victims, pharmaceutical litigation may be appropriate

With seemingly more and more people in Ohio struggling with type 2 diabetes, an effective and reliable form of treatment can be life changing for sufferers. In addition to diet modification, prescription medication is a popular tool for people to control their symptoms. Unfortunately, the type 2 diabetes medication Actos may cause more harm than good and is suspected of causing serious drug injuries. For victims, pharmaceutical litigation may be an appropriate option.

Injured police officer could seek personal injury claim

The driver of a vehicle that was pulled over by an Ohio police officer was apparently the only individual not injured in a recent serious car wreck. In Ohio, the law requires that motor vehicles slow their speed and, if possible, move over for stopped emergency vehicles. According to police, a pickup truck driver reportedly failed to do so, and alcohol may have been involved. It is possible that the injured officer might consider pursuing a personal injury claim.

Asbestos exposure causes hundreds of deaths in small town

Criticism of the Environmental Protection Agency resulted in a delay in an important study on the risks of asbestos exposure. W.R. Grace & Company believes that the threshold where asbestos exposure poses a hazard to humans that was set by the EPA is too low. However, asbestos exposure from a W.R. Grace mine may have led to hundreds of deaths and even more injuries. Families of victims in Ohio may already be familiar with the impact that this can have on a community.

Your cookware could contain toxic materials

Teflon cookware is widely popular in many kitchens across Ohio. While its non-stick surface has made it a convenient alternative to other types of cookware -- such as stainless steel or cast iron -- it is not necessarily safer than these alternatives. In fact, Teflon has been the focus of an Environmental Protection Agency investigation since the 1990s and apparently contains toxic materials.

Father who suffered in car wreck may consider personal injury

All it takes is a moment for a person's life to be permanently altered by a car accident. But some may forget that those injured or killed in car accidents are not the only ones suffering -- their families often suffer as well. An Ohio father was seriously injured in a collision less than a year after his son was fatally injured in a wreck. Although it is not known if he or his family took any legal action following the death of his son, it is possible that they will now consider a personal injury claim. 

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