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February 2018 Archives

Car accidents often result from failure to obey traffic signs

Many Ohio drivers find it necessary to remain on the defensive when behind the wheel. Even so, numerous car accidents continue to occur and result in serious and deadly injuries. Many of those accidents tend to occur at intersections in which one driver fails to obey traffic signs or signals despite the other party having the right of way.

The medical fallout of motorcycle vs. car accidents

Like many other Ohio residents, you may enjoy riding a motorcycle. Not only is it often more economical, but it also provides you with a sense of freedom you cannot get from a passenger vehicle. The main problem is that it also puts you at risk for severe injuries that you may not suffer in a passenger vehicle if you are in a collision. Car accidents involving motorcycle riders rarely end well for the rider while vehicle occupants often walk away unscathed.

Pharmaceutical litigation against opioid manufactures is rising

No matter where you go in the country, including here in Ohio, a certain percentage of the population has a problem with addiction to opioids. This nationwide epidemic is wreaking havoc on people's lives, and many are looking to manufacturers to take responsibility for the mess they created. This may be just one reason why pharmaceutical litigation against opioid manufacturers appears to be on the rise.

Motor vehicle accidents a leading cause of death in childhood

There is little that affects a parent more grievously than the loss of a child. Tragically, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of childhood deaths. Take, for instance, a recent fatal accident in Ohio that claimed the life of one little boy and left another in critical condition.

Fatal drug injuries lawsuit settled for $325,000

Often, pharmaceutical litigation involves medications that were rushed to market before they were completely safe, endangering the public in the interest of profits for big drug companies. Sometimes, however, lawsuits involve more personal cases, such as instances of drug injuries caused by doctor or pharmacy error. Worse still is when these incidents result, not just in injury, but in death.

Another lawsuit alleges asbestos exposure caused by J&J talc

Ohio has a history rich in manufacturing and production, and often, this unfortunately translates into workers developing mesothelioma after they were exposed to asbestos over the course of their careers. Sadly, this is far from the only means of asbestos exposure, though, as companies also negligently included the hazardous carcinogenic substance in their products. In another state, a lawsuit has begun over allegations that talcum-based products like Johnson & Johnson baby powder negligently contained the dangerous material.

Product liability suit blames chocolate equipment for house fire

The Ohio public has the right to presume that the substances and items they purchase -- or even are secondarily exposed to -- are safe. Companies are supposed to ensure that the products they manufacture, distribute and sell are free from hazards, or -- in cases involving more dangerous items or materials -- to warn consumers of potential risks and offer instruction in safe handling. When companies fail to do so, they open themselves up to the possibility of product liability lawsuits from parties injured by their products.

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